Ambitious self-starter. Critical deep-thinker. Humble process-lover and problem-solver... Sustainably-sourced-scrambled-eggs enthusiast.


With a diverse set of experiences, I am a well-rounded curious cat (dogs are cooler): equal parts scatterbrained and systematic, whimsical and stable. I am an advocate of planners, an adversary of travel mugs (your morning drink is about the experience), and the queen of parenthetical statements (self-proclaimed).


Embrace your weird. Let's get creative.

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Sorry for salespitching

Camille Hunter grew up in the forested hills of the humble, hard-working Midwest. A well-rounded high-achiever-yet-sleeps-through-class type, she was class president and leader or member of every organization from athletics to theatre to community service. With a small-town start yet big-city ambitions she began her journey as a dedicated creative professional at age 18 when she moved entirely independently to Madrid, Spain to study as the only American, youngest in her class, and (at the time) a complete beginner in Spanish at a private fashion and interior design school que se llama IADE.


After a year of sink-or-swim experience living on her own in Europe, she decided to return to the states to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications from a small private liberal arts university in Michigan. While completing her degree, she maintained three jobs with leadership roles, played on the university women's soccer team (a two-time Natty Champ with the ring to prove it!), worked for the campus newspaper, and worked as a freelance writer and designer while finishing her studies with a political science program at SciencesPo in Strasbourg, France.


In her just quarter of a century, she has incorporated purposeful travel throughout four continents, spending time cultivating a holistic perspective and sharpening her practice in effective, globally-minded communication and design. Camille has completed jobs and internships in North America, volunteer work in South America, employment and volunteer work in Europe, and immersion projects in Asia. She looks forward to continuing such formational, perspective-building (and sharing) experiences as she continues her career in visual communication. She is currently working as a graphic designer for an architecture and interior design firm, Eastlake Studio, in downtown Chicago, IL while residing in San Diego, CA.