Ambitious self-starter. Critical deep-thinker. Humble process-lover and problem-solver... Sustainably-sourced-scrambled-eggs enthusiast.


With a diverse set of experiences, I am a well-rounded curious cat (dogs are cooler): equal parts scatterbrained and systematic, whimsical and stable. I am an advocate of planners, an adversary of travel mugs (your morning drink is about the experience), and the queen of parenthetical statements (self-proclaimed).


Embrace your weird. Let's get creative.

No longer a bio...


Have you ever written something in order to sell yourself to future employers and upon revisiting site editor post-hire, you read what you wrote and want to throw up??? Yeah same. Welcome to the age of digital promotion of every sort, wherein decent people are left with little to no choice but to bullsh** their way into paying off student debt and further their creative endeavors by paying half a rent check on a seldom-updated website. Here we are. *smiles*

Sorry for salespitching!


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