Know your neighbor

A concept and initiative created and designed autonomously (the irony... and after taking a class on living in community), this project was a personal creative, entrepreneurial outlet which utilized my platforms on campus and on social media to promote the idea of knowing your neighbor. I sold stickers as a fundraiser to spend a month in Athens, Greece where I volunteered on a refugee camp as a community engagement staff member.


The Know Your Neighbor concept was formed out a conviction to start paying more attention to neighbors (near and far), embracing the fact that we cannot "love our neighbors" (a common theme among most on my campus) without knowing them first. The initiative ran for a span of a couple months, during which I raised a significant profit and sent stickers to friends and strangers worldwide. I even posted and gifted them throughout Athens, and they remain for sale online. You can get yours here!


If this concept interests you or if you see a way it can be further developed and shared, please feel free to contact me. I am currently working on ways to further it as a campaign and to find ways in which it can impact communities near and far for good. I'd love to collaborate with you! 



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