Blah Blah Blah

Over an entire year later from when I claimed to be "back at it" with my writing, here I am having remembered that I had abandoned it -- again. It seems nonsensical that I be recommencing, promising yet again some "new chapter" of exploration and dedication to my writing. BUT, I've drank a substantial amount of coffee today so my ambition level is high. Plus, things are different now: I'm abroad again; I no longer have multiple jobs; I'm taking classes in a French educational system (aka, little to no take-home work); and all around I simply have more time (and, let's be honest, the occasional ache of loneliness while being on my own again sets the stage for this to just make sense). So here we are.

A communications professor of mine once advised that any successful "blogging" endeavor needs enough specificity to gain an audience that has enough interest in that particular topic to keep their attention and gain a dedicated following. I sort of hope no one actually reads this, so that is not what this is about.

He suggested also that we choose the one topic- politics, art, faith etc.- and really run with it, always staying focused and keeping in touch with the original direction we had intended. I would get incredibly bored with only writing on one subject (wouldn't you?), so that is not what this is about.

And finally, he urged that we infuse our writing with authenticity, bind it with passion, and above all else, stay true to our voice; that while all forms of communication include both a sender and a receiver, each's ability to remain genuine to itself adds to the inherent effectiveness of the interaction. That of course, contrary to the first two items, is what this is about.

Knowing myself- and simply put, due to my philosophy of living- I'm not committing to any one topic or any one perspective or really any one direction as I undertake yet another go at this "blogging" thing. Which is why, as you may have noticed, I've (cleverly) re-named the very term of what this is.

This is not a blog. (In the words of genuis pop culture commentator and thespian Paul Patton's imitation of a valley girl, "GAG ME WITH A SPOON!")

This is a "blah-g." Where I get to go on and on about whatever has struck me as inspiring or infuriating or life-giving or downright PASSION-INSTILLING, and you get to read it-- or not read it. Whatever. Because that's what this is about: sharing, expressing, even promoting in a sense, yes, but I'm not marketing myself (or my opinions) to you. I'm not funneling my focus so as to make any "necessarily persuasive" points. I'm simply chatter-boxing. My biggest reader will be myself because I'm either a narcissist or very nostalgic toward the former versions of myself. Maybe both.

Maybe something will resonate with you.

If not, that's okay too.