Not That Serious

*** This piece was one of a slew (I googled "synonyms of slew" so-as not to use that word and what came up was synonyms for slay because slew is past tense for slay? I'm keeping slew.) of posts which I never published, but am coming back to belatedly publish anyway in an effort to "honor my process" ...

Thank you for your honoring of the BLAHG <3

Online dating delivers as one would expect: swiping time and time again apathetically during moments wherein you'd simply like to be distracted by the inescapable dread that comes with a global pandemic. If a year (+) of mandated isolation after moving across the country weren't enough to make me engage on a dating app, it's the thrill of coming across that occasional "kudos" moment in which some dude says something clever, or actually so un-clever that you get to have a laugh with your other single friends. (Sorry guys, we know you do it to us too, and we accept that... I mean y'all do it too, right? How else shall we cope these days?)

The question I'm asking myself lately is whether it's really just that we're lonely that we find ourselves sifting through platforms like Hinge and Bumble for new connections. Is it a person that I'm seeking? Or a distraction?


*** As noted above, this piece was belatedly published, and as sole editor of this "platform" I am leaving it as is, unfinished and disappointing-- though, the last question begs one hell of a cliff-hanger question-- which, I believe, speaks more to the topic at hand anyway. I will say: I recall that the title was a phrase repeating internally for me throughout most all of my dating-app encounters, whether in cautioning myself or in scoffing at them, and I had come to write about it because it happened to seem over and over that in these casual encounters there was always someone taking it more/less seriously than the other, which felt in large part the reason why most encounters were short-lived. Perhaps someday I will revisit the topic? <3