Someday I'm going to release a book (of poems, thoughts, drawings?) and Untethered will be the title. Y'all don't know it (though perhaps you suspect it because I seem to tell anyone and everyone about how many poems and reflections are piling up in my Phone notes; currently 1,665) but I've been collecting it all for years and feel on the cusp of needing/wanting to release it -- for no real reason other than self indulgence and the beauty of blabbing... Here's a preview <3



I once held the moon.

Caressed its soft edges and held no fear that it would leave me.

But day came, and the sun’s harsh rays turned my sight upon it

And I unfurled my arms, letting go of the only thing holding me in orbit.

Between celestial bodies I swam

Adrift, finding my way

Toward the promise of warm light,

Looking back at the dark satellite

Of which I was no longer within bandwidth,

And which could never have held me back.

In this space in between

I met planets

Which intrigued me—

Momentary attraction,

Yet still, being my own force,

I floated on.

It was not the hard glare of the sun

Nor the soft glow of the moon

Which ever held the brilliance of what was

With me all along.

The light I sought

Amidst consuming darkness

Was never outside of myself.

I was never pulled in directions

Outside of my own

Gravitational pull.